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Harvest season is coming! We strongly encourage you to make more of fresh juices with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables keep you healthy and aid in the detoxification process, which rids the body of toxins and impurities. These impurities can cause problems such as fatigue, insomnia and digestion issues.

Juices are often consumed for their perceived health benefits. For example, orange juice is rich in vitamin C, folic acid, potassium which is an excellent source of bio-available ingredients and significantly improves blood lipid profiles in people affected with high level cholesterol in their blood. Prune juice is associated with a digestive health benefit. Cranberry juice has long been known to help prevent or even treat bladder infections, and it is now known that a substance in cranberries prevents bacteria from binding to the bladder.

Many fruit juices have a higher sugar content-fructose than sweetened soft drinks; e.g., typical grape juice has 50% more sugar than a soft drink. While soft drinks cause oxidative when ingested and may even lead to insulin resistance in the long term, the same thing cannot be attributed to fruit juices. On the contrary, fruit juices are actually known for their ability to raise serum antioxidant capacity and even offset the oxidative stress and inflammation normally caused by high-fat and high-sugar meals.