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To ensure green technology for cozy life, Eurolux recently introduced Multicylcone Technology for vacuum cleaners. Multicyclone technology is completely newly innovated technology which ensures constant suction power and high efficiency of cleaning. Thanks to this technology your machine can work on constant speed and preserve the suction power as stabile. So, the input power is effectively turned to suction power by ensuring fast and efficient cleaning. It causes intake air to be cycled or spun so fast that the dust is forced out of the air and falls into the storage bin.

Cleaning process consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1-Larger debris is separated into small parts and retained within the outer dust chamber.

Stage 2-Fine dust is spun at high velocity and retained within the central dust chamber.

Stage 3-Cleaner air passes through the filter which prevents clogging.

Advanced 3-stage filtration system ensures 99.97% air cleaning inside of the cyclone bag. Plus the exhaust Hepa filter guarantees perfectly clean air outflow so it is completely harmless for children, people with allergy and asthmatics. Tests have proven that, cleaning with this vacuum cleaner can kill 100% of young fleas and 96% of adult fleas. Plus, this technology has low voice level which makes it more comfortable to use.