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This year Eurolux introduced new generation of refrigerators. Produced in our joint-venture factory in Modena, Italy, they meet all the standards and requirements of modern life. It’s not just a 3-door refrigerator with a bigger food area. Besides improved fridge area, there is a specialized ‘cold zone’ where some foods can be kept under very low temperature without being frozen. Multi airflow ensures the balance cold air circulation to reach every point of the refrigerator. Easy slide drawers give stylish view to your appliance and makes it much more convenient for your usage. LED lights are specially designed to make the interior brighter.

The last but not the least: The 7-inch display with sensor panel installed on your refrigerator is so functional, that you can’t help loving it! Initial purpose is the temperature control to adjust for seasons and your own preferences. Then it’s a digital notepad to leave your notes for family members for further reading. And finally, there is a built-in 5-megapixel camera which you can use to record a video and leave a message for others. Because sometimes those notes can’t express our feelings and emotions adequately…